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How to Plan a Cruise Proposal?

A roof-top dinner date in Dubai, a trip to her native, a love letter sneaked in her favourite novel—there are 100 ways to make your beloved say YES! We bring you yet another fantastic proposal idea that will make the moment way more exhilarating. There is something about the fresh sea breeze, the sight of unending water, and the myriad possibilities; it makes you feel like every wave will only bring good things.

A perfect yes is just a cruise holiday away! Browse through different cruise packages and prepare for a will-you-marry-me experience that she will remember always. Here are a few tips that will come handy:

  • Less Research Means Less Fun

Remember when dad used to tell about the value of planning? Guess what, it pretty much applies to everything. With so many specialised websites and online travel agencies, I see no reason why you should head unplanned.

Booking a cruise holiday is a big responsibility, more so because the vacation is not about reaching a destination but enjoying the journey. You do not want to get tied to something that you won’t enjoy. Research about cruise lines online and sign up for the selected ones to keep updated about their plans. Give it a few weeks, before you select your cruise package.

  • Pick a Cabin According To What You Enjoy

If you both are the kind who like to spend time with people around you and interact with fellow travellers, then investing in a balcony room wouldn’t be much of a use. Go for a room with an ocean view instead. The former is a good choice if you both prefer spending time alone.
If you are looking for something more lavish try out the suite, and you can build your own holiday experience without anyone’s interference.

  • Make Thoughtful Choices

We’ve all heard about the prince charming who takes the princess and disappears in the sunset. The fairy tales are fictitious but the imaginations are not. If you want to be her prince, dress like one!

If she has absolutely no idea about your plan, make sure she carries an outfit that she would want to wear on such an occasion. You don’t want her to regret any bit of it. You can even pick a dress for her and present before the evening. Double-surprises are always better than one.

Also, if she is very particular about her hair, select an indoor venue. Outdoors can get a little windy on cruises, which make for a bad date-night venue.

A cruise holiday is a big investment, which means a big disappointment if it goes wrong. Plus, you don’t want her to say no just because you messed up the plan. Yes, girls want it to be perfect!

If this one goes wrong, we will keep more proposal ideas ready for your second try. You go, boy!

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